There is a big debate on where Whoopie Pies originate from. Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusettes and New Hampshire, all claim to be the birthplace of whoopie pies, though they are widely sold all over the US. It is said that the original recipe comes from the area's Amish and Pennsylvania German Culture, but there is no paper trail.... mysterious!!

So, what is a whoopie pie?? Traditionally they are delicious marshmallowy filling sandwiched between two chocolate spongy biscuits. We like what our friends across the pond are producing, and we want them too! So.... like the generous people we are, we have created some very new flavours. 


We are very Proud to be supplying our Whoopies in The Food Hall in London's Iconic Department store Selfridges. Flavours stocked include, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Biscuit Butter, Bakewell, and Carrot.