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About Daisy


Daisy's Story....

As a child, Daisy loved cake and spent a lot of her school holidays making and selling little cakes and lemonade with her mother and grandmother on her front door step to neighbours and passers by.

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She studied Art and Photography for GCSE and A level, and this is where her creative flair really began. Always being the slightly quirky artist she was never the still life kind of person, or the academic type and always tried to push the boundaries (and breaking rules!) carving totem poles, and modelling strange sculptures. After leaving school she decided to go down the acting route instead, and spent 10 years treading the boards studying and performing both in London and New York. 

Through a personal tragedy in 2011 she found comfort in baking while suffering a bout of depression. Whilst filming a TV series, a real love started to blossom. Sleep was a mystery. She filmed during the day and baked at night; this became great therapy. She was asked to make cakes for family and friends, and things took off from there, quickly becoming the go-to person for bespoke cakes. Her talent and passion quickly grew and by the end of 2012 Daisy Brydon Creations was born. 

Daisy's mission is to create memories through awe inspiring cakes that taste as good as they look.

She gets her inspiration from everywhere; from art and fashion to furniture and architecture, to kids tv shows. She is often heard saying 'that would make a great cake'!