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It's not just cake


We're international!!

It's rather exciting over here! We've become international don't you know! We've just sent some cakes over to Malta by aeroplane...

Last year I did take some sugar flowers over to Massachusetts in New England, USA, with my heart in my mouth, for a wedding - though it was a friends wedding, it still tested my nerves which are slightly on edge at the best of times.

If Ellen Degeneres played one of her scares on me, I'd most definitely jump out of my skin, and probably have a similar experience to when she scared Taylor Swift... if you haven't seen the video, you must, it's hilarious! 

So my first thought was 'how the B*****hell am I going to package the cakes to make sure they don't get crushed.' Thinking about what my suitcase goes through on a plane, I dread to think what will happen with a box, with a cake inside!

They initially asked for a chocolate ganache covered cake.... no chance, a cake, covered in chocolate? That's just asking for trouble. So modelling chocolate it is.  A little side note about modelling Chocolate, I LOVE it. It's so easy to work with - a little temperamental to make at first, but for modelling and covering cakes, it's just perfect... except in the summer.... then it's not so perfect, but still great.... you get the idea! The other thing was the cakes were going to have edible images on top, this was something else I had to think about.

So I researched sending cakes by air for a whole day, watching youtube videos and calling packaging companies. Finally I came to the decision that I would have to bite the bullet, take all the info I had acquired and put it in place. So I ordered 2 insulated boxes (I prayed they were the right size!), 2 sturdy cake boxes (thinking they were the right size) and a whole load of bubble wrap and 'fragile' tape. 

The sturdy cake boxes arrived..... Oh.... wrong depth, bugger! Actually turns out, they were pretty perfect... a happy accident! I was so nervous about the cakes surviving I baked 2 round almond sponges instead of square, and only realised until the day before delivery! Doh! So back to baking! 

Once the cakes were baked, cooled, filled with chocolate ganache and covered in modelling chocolate that I had to rescue twice..... it's summer ok, don't judge me, it was now crunch time... packaging.

In the base of the box I placed 2 large squares of non slip matts, you can get these from any hardware shop.

This will stop the cake moving about in the box.

You can see there is a bit of space between the cake and the box, you can also see that I haven't attached the edible images. I packaged these separately so that they can attach these when the cakes arrive. I was concerned about any condensation from the plane making the ink run. 

I wrapped the cake in parchment paper and then encased it in bubble wrap, this filled all the gaps and on the top too, in hindsight I possibly should have put some parchment on the top of the cake too just incase the bubble wrap marks it, though I had left it long enough for the chocolate to go hard before wrapping it.

You can see in the second photo that I've put some polystyrene on either side, the box was slightly too small to put poly on all sides, so I stuffed some bubble wrap on the other sides.

I also bought some gel freeze packs. As the cakes were chocolate, I wanted to prevent any possiblilty of melting. I didn't place them directly onto the cake box as when it melts I didn't want any condensation to seep through. I wrapped them in those inflatable giant bubble wrap things, I had ordered some cake supplies and kept the bubble wrap that they came in! Perfect. 

As you can see I've wrapped it up pretty well and attached a photo on top of the contents inside the box, this is so security don't have to open it and use their probe, this would make the cake in-edible, so better to be safe than sorry. . Make sure you write 'THIS WAY UP' on the box, the boxes might say it also, but better to double up. 

So... cakes delivered and wished good luck!