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Daisy Brydon Creations FAQ's (frequently asked quesitons) Everything you need to know.

Do you deliver?

Daisy delivers all over the country. Delivery prices within London are £30. Outside London will be charged at courier prices.
Please be aware that any distance travelled further than 8 hours will be subject to an additional fee to cover food/lodging/flights.

Why don't you have a price list on your website?

Daisy designs and makes all her cakes to order for every persons requirements, and are priced individually, depending on the complexity of the design, portions required and labour involved. Daisy is therefore unable to give you a direct quote. 

How do I order a cake?

To start the process, please go to the contact page and email/call with this info:

Date of your event
Event location
How many people you will need to serve
Your telephone number
Email address
An idea of what kind of design you are looking for.

How far in advance should I order?

For cake orders please give 3 months for weddings, 1 month for sculptured and 2 weeks for celebration. 

What is the difference between coffee and desert portions?

A coffee portion is roughly 1" X 1". These portions are usually served with coffee.
A dessert portion is roughly 1" X 2". 

Do you cater for allergies?

Yes. Daisy can cater for gluten free, and dairy free for celebrations and wedding cakes, however due to the nature of sculptured cakes, Daisy cannot include these dietary requirements. Daisy cannot guarantee that cakes will be totally nut free and allergen free, as her kitchen uses both.   

How do I store my cake?

Store your cake in the box it was delivered in. Do not put it in the fridge unless specified. Keep the cake out of direct sunlight in a cool space. Sponge cakes will keep for up to a week uncut, however it's best to consume within 3 days from delivery. 

Tiers that are made of fruit cake are suitable to be kept for up to a year. If freezing, wrap tightly in parchment paper and cling film. Removing any icing and marzipan will also help as these tend to deteriorate more quickly.

Do you do internships

Not at the moment.

I want to learn cake decorating do you run classes?

Yes. Daisy privately tutors as well as running group classes. Check out the classes page for more info.

If you would like Daisy to tutor you privately, please call or email her. She can come to you, or if you want to see where all the amazing cakes are made, arrange a time to work in her kitchen.

Press & Media Enquiries

Please contact Meri Mance PR for any press enquiries.

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Whoopie Pies

What are they?

Traditionally Whoopie pies are a marshmallow filling sandwiched between 2 chocolate sponges. 

Why should I get a whoopie pie and not a cupcake?

We love cupcakes, but we feel they may have had their day. The whoopie pie has it's name because when you bite into it's soft shells and gooey centre you are sure to cry 'whoopeeeeee'. They really are a treat that gets your tastebuds buzzing. 

How do I eat a whoopie pie?!

The best way is to have a napkin at hand! Bite into your whoopie and the filling is bound to squidge out the other side, as someone once said 'that's what tongues are for' to lick the filling before it falls out!

Can you customise whoopie pies?

Definitely! Just like cupcakes you can add your logo, theme, colours, whatever the brief you can add it to your whoopie.

How do I store my whoopies?

Keep them in the packaging they come in and they will stay fresh. If you want to keep them for 2 weeks, pop them in the fridge in the packaging they come in. Some flavours do freeze very well. When they arrive at your door, if you don't want to eat them straight away just pop them in the freezer in their packaging for up to a year! Though we've never heard anyone that didn't want to eat them straight away!