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Flavours & Fillings

Check out our list of flavours and fillings for your choice of cake. 

Sponge Flavours

Sculptured and Carved Cakes:
Please note that all our sculpted and carved cakes are made with a madiera or pound cake base and a ganache filling. Please see our fillings flavour list.

Madiera or Pound Cake
- Orange
- Vanilla
- Chocolate
- Coffee

Red Velvet
The all time favourite cake, not much needs to be said. Moist, chocolaty and red! Usually filled with Cream cheese icing, however we can only do ganache for sculptured and carved. If you're having this as a regular shaped cake, then cream cheese is perfect.

Chocolate Mud Cake
For chocolate lovers.... this is the ultimate chocolate cake, nice and fudgy.

All other cakes - Round, square, Hexagon, petal or heart.

Vanilla Sponge
A beautifully moist sponge cake made with the best vanilla bean paste to give it that extra vanilla kick.

Coconut cake
This is one of our favourites. Light and aromatic filled with coconut flakes and coconut milk.

Banana Cake
Soft, delicate and deliciously bananary with an added depth of spice. Goes well with chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Traditional Fruit Cake
Please note that for this cake, we need at least 3 months in advance, this is so that we can get a perfect soaking of brandy.

Death by chocolate
This is incredibly chocolaty and is perfect for any chocoholic. Deep rich flavours of Belgium chocolate.

Caramel Cake
Simple caramel deliciousness. Rich, moist and tender. No extracts are used, the caramel comes through beautifully from the brown sugar. Similar texture to the Red Velvet.

German Chocolate Cake.
Originally from America, this deliciously moist chocolate cake also has a subtle coconut flavour. Goes very well with caramel icing.

Carrot Cake & Carrot sponge
Moist, carroty and full of spices. Added raisins give it an extra bite and sweetness. This cake is perfect for top tiers on wedding cakes. Please note that this can't be used at the bottom of tiered cakes as it is so soft it is very likely to get squished! We do however do a carrot sponge which still has the bits, but is more stable for tiered cakes, it also has added coconut. Let us know if you would like this sponge without the coconut.

Zesty lemon sponge
Zingy and fresh, made with real lemons and soaked in lemon syrup, perfect for any novelty and wedding cakes. Goes best with home made lemon curd and light lemon or vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Coffee Cake
A classic cake made with fresh espresso layered with coffee Italian Meringue buttercream. Goes very well with dark chocolate ganache.

Rainbow Cake
A lover among the younger generation! 

Marble Cake
White and dark cakes swirled together to make a delicious mix of chocolate and vanilla.


If you are going for a sculptured or carved cake, please choose a ganache filling. 

Chocolate ganache
Chocolatey chocolate filling. Can be made with white, milk or dark chocolate to fill and cover a cake. - Note: Contains Dairy

Flavours for White chocolate: 
Irish Cream Raspberry Strawberry Passionfruit
- Fresh raspberry

Flavours for Dark or milk chocolate: 
Salted Caramel Espresso

We only use Italian meringue buttercream. It's fluffier, lighter and less sweet than buttercream, a little like eating silk!
A deliscious light and fluffy filling. Add some jam to vanilla for a traditional experience. Every buttercream is made with fresh ingredients. - Note: Contains Dairy and eggs
- Caramel

Home made orange jelly
A beautiful balance of sweet and sour orange jelly. Perfect with chocolate ganache or buttercream, to make your own giant jaffa cake.

Cream Cheese Frosting
The classic frosting to go with carrot cake and red velvet cakes - Note: Contains Dairy

Hazelnut Chocolate cream
A delisciously rich hazelnut chocolate cream filling that is light in texture. Perfect with peanut butter or biscuit butter sponge. - Note: Contains Nuts

Home made curd
Traditionally lemon or passionfruit curd. Alternative flavours:

raspberries blackberries cranberries. 

Any jam you like, including pineapple and lime. The list is endless. Will be accompanied with vanilla buttercream. 

- Raspberry
- Mixed Berry
- Strawberry
- Blueberry